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Winsford Shifters

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My whole life, I’ve been taught to despise shifters. So when I’m hired to track two escaped convicts, I’m suddenly thrust into the world I hate—or thought I did. Yet I’m inexplicably drawn to the alpha of the pack whose land the convicts may be hiding on. He’s different than any shifter I've ever met—laid back and quick to laugh, caring and protective, and makes me feel complete for the first time in my life. As secrets are revealed, I start to wonder if everything I’ve been raised to believe was a lie, though it may not matter because it seems like someone wants us dead.

I’m no stranger to prejudice from humans, but it’s different when Rowan comes into my life. Though I shouldn’t let myself be distracted, I’m captivated by him. At first, he’s stiff, fighting to keep his misconstrued beliefs intact, but as I break down the wall he’s created, I’m able to show him a place among the fun chaos of my pack. After one of my pack goes missing, it leaves Rowan and me racing to bring them home, but the only way we’re going to survive this is if Rowan learns to accept the bond that’s growing between us—a bond that could give us the strength to put aside our reservations and give in to what both of us want.

Of Secrets and Wolves is an action-filled romance with a dash of comedy. It’s the first book in a series with a continuing storyline and an HFN.

OfBetrayalandMonsters-f (4).jpg

I thought pulling my pack away from Winsford would save us. I never realized how wrong I could be.

After Rowan and I escape Mercer’s hold, we have to get the pack somewhere safe, but my only option is a pride run by a controlling alpha. With everyone safely inside the walls of Winterhaven, Rowan and I attempt to search for the truth, but we’re being hunted and driven further from the answers we need. I want to do everything to protect my mate, but as I learn more about his past, I realize that I might need to protect him from more than just Mercer.

I never thought I could embrace this other side of me, especially when I’ve always been taught to hate it.

But Quinn makes me feel alive and happier than I ever thought I’d be after shutting away a part of myself for years. When he’s with me, I feel like we can accomplish anything, and figuring out why Mercer is targeting us is only the first step. However, we could lose everything if we make a single mistake. One thing I know about my mate, though, is that he’s the most determined man I’ve ever met. And I’ll be right by his side as we bring Mercer crashing to the ground.

Of Betrayal and Monsters is an action-filled romance with a dash of comedy. It’s the second book in a series with a continuing storyline and an HFN.

OfRedemptionandVengeance-f (1).jpg

It all comes down to this.

I should have known my freedom from Mercer would only last so long before my pack was hunted down and I was dragged back into it all. It’s suffocating being back in this place that twisted my shifter side forever and threatened to change who I am. But this time is different.

Because I’m not alone.

As threats to us and our pack pile up, I’m forced to rely on Graham, the overly protective shifter I feel a strange pull toward. We know we have to get away to warn the others of what’s to come, but with Mercer’s shifters breathing down our necks, we’re being thrust into a fight for our lives. We are determined to make it back to the pack and tear down the threat before it consumes all of us.

I’ve literally never met a more stubborn man in my life than Emery, yet I can’t get him out of my head. He covers up his insecurities and concerns with snark and teasing, but I know that underneath it all is a man who just wants someone to give him a chance. And I’m prepared to be that person if we can fight our way through this. First, we have to escape the threat left behind by Mercer, but escaping isn’t enough. We need to destroy everything the group’s ever worked for to keep each other and our pack safe.

Join Graham, Emery, Rowan, and Quinn for the exciting conclusion to the Winsford Shifters trilogy. This series contains action-filled romance with a dash of comedy, and should be read in order.

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