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Image by Adam Kring

Fanged Mistakes


This week hasn’t gone the best for me unless you count Casimir, the sexy ancient vampire, bringing me back from the brink of death (and tying my fate to his in the process). Not that it matters if the werewolves and vampires don’t stop their ridiculous feud, because someone is targeting them and widening the divide between our communities with each body they leave in their wake.

But as the alpha’s son, I have a plan to fix everything. I’m going to convince Casimir to fake date me to show the others that we can work together.

I mean… what could go wrong?


Literally everything could go wrong. Who is actually going to believe that I want this joke-cracking, cute werewolf tagging alongside me?

Honestly, do I even care if people get along? I really think I have much more important things to do than going on hardware store dates, learning the torturous art of holding hands, and attending awkward family dinners, like… staring at my dog… and… I’m sure there’s something else.

Okay, fine, maybe this whole fake dating scheme isn’t the worst idea that I’ve come across in the past five hundred years, but it’s definitely in the running. The two of us are just going to have a bit of fun while I stop whoever’s hunting down the vampires and werewolves… right?

Fake Dates and Fanged Mistakes has a sunshiny yet stubborn werewolf who just wants everyone to get along, dang it; a bored vampire who isn't nearly as aloof as he wants to appear; paper napkins trying (and failing) to stand in for clothes; some awesome swordsmanship; and the last thing you’d expect to find in a secret cupboard.


When did fake-then-real dating an ancient vampire become the easy part?
Casimir’s ridiculously sweet now that he’s conquered “the art of the flirt,” as he calls it. He tries hard to fit in with my family—if we forget about those silly threatening chocolates he sent my father—and he even makes me popcorn… okay, he tried. I know, I know, I’m just bragging at this point.
Everything is perfect until we stumble upon a half-dead vampire who is being hunted by someone. And I’m afraid the person hunting him knows all about Casimir’s history. Casimir has fought so hard to drive the darkness away, but we both know that he needs to bury his past… one last time.

I never saw myself in a relationship, let alone with a pesky werewolf. He’s funny and sweet, has questionable friends, and phenomenal taste in dog bandanas. After five hundred years, I think I’ve finally convinced myself that I deserve this.
However, someone else isn’t quite certain I do. Julian has assured me that it’s time to move forward, but when there’s a masked man waiting in the shadows for me, I find it hard to ignore my past mistakes.
But I have something I didn’t have the last time I faced him.
Someone who loves me.

Dire Straits and Entwined Fates has a cheerful werewolf who seems to have an aversion to clothes; a vampire leader who overuses speedy delivery services; board games with a little too much exhibitionism; and animals that are too cute to be eaten.

Fake Dates
Dire Straits
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