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Cast in Shadows

Release date: July 27
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When the light-magic users known as Casters took everything from me, I vowed to make them pay.


Little did I know the perfect opportunity would show up in the form of a sweet Caster the moment I took his arrow to the heart… literally. Bastian knows that I’m made of dark magic, the very thing he’s been taught to destroy. But instead of turning away from me, he takes a chance on me, leading me behind the walls of the group out to kill me.

Bastian makes me remember that there’s more to life than revenge—although I can’t help but love the look he gives me when I cause chaos. But what I don't realize is there's someone who's been watching me, someone only Bastian can help me fight.



How is it that a man wielding dark magic is the only one who can save me?


Even though Andras goes against everything I fight for, I can’t stop myself from drawing him into my life.


What’s worse is that it’s clear he wants something from the Casters, but when he makes me laugh and feel like I’m living for the first time in my life, it’s impossible to turn him away.


When I find myself caught in a web of lies between those I trusted and those I feared, I realize the only one I can rely on is the one person who’s forbidden. 


Cast in Shadows contains an antihero with no filter and a strange obsession with chili, a “pet” who sleeps through all the excitement, and possibly the least romantic movie date ever.

Sketchy Introductions

*This is just a fun flash fiction to introduce the characters! 

Alice: Alright, boys, it’s your turn. I’d like you to make a good impression and introduce yourself to the group!

Andras: How much are you paying me for this?

Bastian: I don’t think you should immediately ask for money.

Andras: Oh. Right. Hello lovely creatures, my name is Andras, and how much am I being paid for this?

Bastian: *sighs* Clearly not enough to sate you.

Andras: Oh, hold on… look at all the people here. If I “request” five dollars from each member, I would be good until next week at the very least!

Bastian: I don’t like the way you said request.

Andras: I said it the same way you did. “““Request.”””

Bastian: No… no, you see the clear difference, right? You sound like you’re going to steal it from them or something else worrisome.

Alice: Bastian, please take over. I’m begging you. This group is going to have an awful impression of Andras, but you’re the good one. YOU can save this.

Bastian: *Mutely stares at the awaiting faces* No thanks.

Andras: Bassy, don’t be shy. They look friendly… enough. I mean… that one looks a bit sketchy but the rest seem… human.

Alice: This is getting worse by the moment. Whose idea was this?

Andras: Definitely yours.

Alice: I give up. So this is Andras and Bastian. Andras is a questionable… person who really thinks he’s funnier than he is—and I’m starting to think there’s little hope for him. And this is Bastian who is far too sweet to have gotten dragged into Andras’s antics.

Andras: Tell them how handsome I am and how cool I look with a sword! And how I’m all magicky and shit!

Alice: No. I’m leaving. I give up.

Andras: But… wait… you literally forgot all my good points!

Enter for a chance to win a  £15 Amazon egift card. 

Since RARE is in the UK, the prize is in pounds.  If the selected winner uses a different Amazon region, my PA will reach out to them. 

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