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Cast in Shadows
Sneak Peek

With Cast in Shadows releasing on July 27, I thought it'd be a fun idea to ask the characters a few questions and see their thoughts! 


How would Andras and Bastian be described?

Bastian: Let’s start with Andras then.

Andras: Do the readers have enough time to read about how awesome I am? How funny? How FUN?

Roman: One word: annoying.

Oliver: Not as funny as he thinks he is.

Andras: Hold on… guys… please… I feel like you’re confused, you’re mixing up things! This is supposed to be about me, not the opposite of me.

Oliver: Talks WAY too much.

Soren: Sssweaty.

Andras: What the hell does that mean? SWEATY? Bastian, am I ever sweaty? I think he got confused and meant sweetie. Right? Right, Soren? Guys?

Bastian: I’m just… worried about what they’re going to say about me now.

Oliver: Oh, we’re describing Bastian now? Sweet. He’s like a little adorable cinnamon roll.

Roman: *Grunts (likely an agreement)*

Oliver: I don’t think he has a mean bone in his body!

Andras: Fine, fine, I will allow the rest of you to live since you were far better at describing Bastian who really is far too sweet for this world.  


Everyone loves magic, so how would you describe the magic in this world?

Bastian: Well, the magic is divided into light and dark magic. Casters, like me, wield light magic in an attempt to protect people from darkness

Andras: There are FIRE BALLS.

Bastian: Um… no there aren’t… there are absolutely no fireballs… none of us can control fire.

Andras: Shut up, I’m trying to make our magic sound cooler. And I can call upon a tornado with a single wink!

Bastian: No, he can’t! Oh my god, this is the definition of false advertising!


What’s your ideal date?

Andras: I would wait until Bastian was asleep to snatch him up and drive him to a secluded island.

Bastian: How are you driving to an island? Wouldn’t you fly or take a ferry or something?

Andras: Shh you’re asleep for this part so it doesn’t matter. And on that island and I would let loose all of the people who have ever looked at Bastian wrong and I would hand Bastian his bow before setting him loose—

Bastian: Your ideal date is me turning into a murderer and hunting people? Am I a freaking vendetta werewolf all of a sudden? Most people pick like a café or dinner or something!

Andras: We’d have like some tea and cookies after or something.  


If you had to spend a million dollars in an hour, what would you get?

Andras: The biggest pot in the world for Bastian to make me chili.

Bastian: What? Why?
Andras: One never asks why when the life of chili is on the line.

Bastian: When did the chili end up in danger? Now my idea of a mansion for us to grow old in together seems stupid when I could have just asked for a pot of chili.

Andras: *falls silent* I mean… I suppose we’d also need that mansion to house the chili so it’s not stupid at all. It’s actually really sweet that you wanted a home for my chili.

Isn’t it wrong to protect the bad guy? But what happens when the bad guy is the only one who makes me feel good?

You might think you’re the darkness in this world of light, but I don’t see it that way. I only see you and the brightness you bring to my life.

“Healthy? Who the hell is going for healthy here, my friend? We’re going for gore! Violence! And chili!”

Audio Teaser- Narrated by Greg Boudreaux 
Audio release date: Late July/early August

*This teaser starts at chapter two. While it doesn't have huge spoilers in it, it does allude to some things that happen in the first chapter! The text for the teaser has been placed below so you can follow along if you prefer to read! 

Getting used to a new body is never fun.

            Getting used to a new body while someone is trying to shoot you in the head is even less fun. But at least the Caster is down and out, so it’s one less thing to deal with on this fine evening.

            The whole world seems magical after getting out of that fucking bottle the Caster so unkindly stuffed me into. Does he not understand who I am? Does he not know that I, Andras, will not suffer this fate? Either way, it’s quite rude to stuff someone into a bottle without even asking for their name first.

            Smoothly sliding into a living body is rather troublesome. Entering the dead body of a Caster is even more so. You see, Casters keep a barrier around their body so that they will never be possessed. And one should not be able to possess a recently deceased body. Even at my level, I’ve never been able to break through a Caster’s barrier, let alone possess one. But now that I’ve slipped into this rather convenient body left by the wayside just for me, I realize how nice it fits.

            The issue is that the body is accustomed to light magic, not the sudden intrusion of my dark magic.

            “Peekaboo!” the man says as he pops his head over the counter and aims a gun at me.

            “How rude!” I declare, but because I haven’t quite gotten the hang of this body, it comes out much more like “Howwrud.” Not my finest speech ever given, but definitely not my worst!

            The man seems rather confused as he looks at me, then the shattered bottle on the ground and back at me. His uptake of the situation is thankfully quite slow as I roll and proceed to fall onto my face. Feeling is creeping into my fingers and this time, when I put my hands beneath me, they hold me up off the rather disgusting floor.

            Now I’m wallowing around on top of the unconscious Caster, which is definitely not my intention as I roll, twist, and scramble forward until I get stuck on something.

            Tugging a bit, I realize it’s the Caster’s sword, and since he seems to be preoccupied taking a nap, I decide that maybe I wouldn’t mind brandishing it.

            I bet I’d look cool.

            With a push and a shove, I spring to my feet and hold the sword at the ready before promptly falling forward and poking myself in the leg with the sword that seems too heavy for these arms I’m not quite accustomed to.

            “Hell, man. My leg!” I yell, and I feel quite pleased when it sounds like English instead of unintelligible mumbles.

            The man watching the ordeal finds this horribly hilarious, and the only choice left is to murder him as soon as I can figure this out.

            “You dare laugh at me? You will die, you lowly scum. You’re like the gum on the bottom of my shoe. The bird shit on my windshield. I will—”

            He aims his gun at me, so I grab the Caster and use his limp and useless body as a shield. I mean… really, why wouldn’t I use him as a glorified bullet sponge? The shade clearly doesn’t want that as he growls and tries aiming for the exposed parts of my body. Who knows why he’s decided to target me, but I think maybe it’s because I’m currently the bigger threat.

            So I fling the Caster’s limp body at the man, knocking him back as I spring up to my feet and brandish the sword again then proceed to use it as a walking stick as I make my wobbly way over to the man.

            The issue with my grand walking stick plan is that now I don’t have a sword to stab him with.

            Slowly, ever so slowly, I’m starting to get a better handle on this body enough that when the evil guy shoves the human back, I catch him. Then as I heave up the sword, the killer trips over the Caster’s legs and falls forward, piercing himself on the weapon. Since the shade can’t use the body of a dead man, he’s thrown out and the body drops to the floor. I shake the blood off the blade, then use the body’s clothes to clean it up a bit before turning my attention to the fleeing shade.

            I hold out my hand as the shade tries his best to leave, but I don’t know where he thinks he’ll simply disappear to when I’m hungry.

            Outside the body that offered him protection, he seems quite concerned as he flees, but he won’t get far before my magic finds him. Squeezing my hand shut, I watch as black mist seeps through my skin, grabbing onto the shade and pulling him inside for me to feast on.

            Oh, what a useless wee monster.

            But he sure tastes delicious. 

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