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Short Stories

This is just for members of Alice Winters' Wonderland and/or newsletter members. PLEASE do not share with anyone outside the group. 

There are multiple short stories here, make sure you grab them all! 

750 member reward

In the Mind short story- A short story telling how Chevy and Seneca meet. You don't need to read Within the Mind or Lost in the Mind before reading this. 

500 member reward

In Darkness Short Story- Felix and Lane go to a couples retreat and are, of course, the best couple there. 

Within the Mind- Holiday Short Story

This takes place before Within the Mind. You don’t have to have read Within the Mind. Now, I’m going to warn you that I gave myself a day to write this. That also means that it was not edited, since I wasn’t going to force my editor to look over it when she is enjoying her holiday.

In Darkness Halloween Short Story

Felix and Lane go to a haunted prison. Its more Felix and Lane. I don't think I need to describe what happens. Felix says inappropriate things and Lane is scared of ghosts. 

I have one more short story that you can only read by joining my newsletter on the home page. It's about a young Felix and his brother Darian. 

1,000 member reward

Day two of Felix and Lane's couple retreat. You do NOT need to have read day one (which is under the 500 member reward). You also do not need to have read In Darkness.

Leland and Jackson join Henry (who doesn't want them) on his vacation to Las Vegas. While Leland is convinced he's making Henry's vacation better, Henry's not so sure. 

1,500 member reward-The Hitman's Guide to Ruining Henry's Vacation

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