Newsletter Short Stories

These are short stories only for people who have signed up for my newsletter, please don't share them! 

Just My Luck Short Story

Short story after the events of Just My Luck!

A short Hitman's Guide story about their one year anniversary. Originally read by Michael Ferraiuolo. (Check out the live reading here).

Karsyn Short Story

This should be read AFTER How to Elude a Vampire (book 2). 
Short story about Karsyn's date that happens toward the end of How to Elude a Vampire

In Darkness Short Story

*This was originally an exclusive Alice Winters' Wonderland short story

From Lane's POV. Felix decides to take Lane on a very special date. But you know if Felix's arranged it, everyone should be worried. 

The Hitman's Guide to Ruining Henry's Vacation

*This was originally an exclusive Alice Winters' Wonderland short story. 

Leland and Jackson join Henry (who doesn't want them) on his vacation to Las Vegas. While Leland is convinced he's making Henry's vacation better, Henry's not so sure. 

Finn and Marcus Short Story

Want to know who Finn and Marcus are? Check out a short story about Finn and Marcus's first meeting. You don't need to know anything else about Marcus or Finn (seeing as their book won't be out until February or March!)

In Darkness- A Trace of Darkness

Click below to enjoy an In Darkness short story. I recommend reading it after A Light in the Darkness since it deals with Felix and his brother. 

Within the Mind Short Story

*This can be enjoyed without reading Within the Mind. To enjoy a Within the Mind short story, go here:

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